Did you know merging blockchain and AI can be a perfect match? In parallel the Aitsy platform gives you the liberty to use unlimited cryptocurrencies in exponential ways, is a fully autonomous Quantum Artificial Intelligence Robot and trades 24/7 while you sleep. People have no privacy or control over their data and money. With losing control over their data and privacy there was an increasing rate of cybercrime, hacking and stealing of data and passwords.

Blockchain Technology is like DNA as it uses cryptography mathematics and has qualities that are transparent, secure, efficient and immutable. Artificial Intelligence is becoming better equipped to gather enormous amounts of data and blockchain technologies allow for totally new ways to digitally transfer value. Combine the two together and you get the ability of software that continually adapts and improves itself. Both of these technologies makes the perfect combination. These technologies can bring data insights to a whole other level, which aims at providing deeper and accurate insights.

Blockchain can assist in making AI a more easy and understandable technology that can help the world understand and explain the decisions made by Artificial Intelligence. Generally, computers are very fast which shows that AI can easily manage blockchain better than humans. To build trust among the public, AI records the decision making process on the blockchain which is a step towards transparency, and will let us know what is in a robot’s mind. AI also helps to boost blockchain efficiency far better than humans. Both AI and blockchain makes the perfect combination and has the potential to use the data in ways never used before.

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